With everyone having fun with Fundrace today and yesterday, the Post's look at the differences between the parties young Democrats and Republicans hold seems well-timed. The stereotype of seems to be proven out as Republican parties start and end earlier, and skew older, while the Democratic crews rage till the early hours. Then, unable to leave the party divide alone, the Post sets up two dates - Republican male meets Democratic female and vice versa. Please, don't do that ever again. Just because Mary Matalin and James Carville have made that their dog-and-pony act doesn't mean more people have date for the opposites attract reasoning. Maybe Gothamist is bitter because that craptastic movie Speechless was inspired by them. Maybe we were disturbed that someone was sporting a "I Love GWB" shirt to the date (it's not like the Post would ask the person to play up party affiliations or anything), because our "I Heart Nader" shirt got us thrown out of a place. But maybe "I Love GWB" meant "I Love George Washington Bridge" because we could understand that.

Check out how your neighborhood stacks up from this Manhattan map of donors. [Via kottke, reBlog]