2005_10_scores.jpgThe Post ("BIZ BOOB BUSTS BANK FOR BABES") and the Daily News ($lap dance!) are having a good time at the expense of Robert McCormick, who apparently managed to blow through $241,000 in one drunken night of partying at Scores. McCormick, CEO of Savvis Communications and a 38-year old father of three kids, was in from Missouri and celebrating some business his company had just closed. Scores claims that after the tab hit $10,000, they got fingerprints and signed waivers testifying that he wasn't intoxicated-- and they also called American Express every hour to verify he had the rights to continue using the card. AMEX was forced to pay the 241k, and now they are suing McCormick for the cash.

All this got us wondering what 241k actually buys at Scores-- because at $100 per lap dance, these guys would have had to have like 500 each! Is it possible that they were paying for a little more than dancing? Perhaps, even though Chris Rock is pretty clear on this subject, and he's definitely spent some time at Scores:

I have I piece of advice for you. No matter what a stripper tells you, there's no sex in the champagne room. None. Oh theres champagne in the champagne room, but you dont want champagne, you want sex, and theres no sex in the champagne room.

One thing is for sure-- this definitely is not the last time we're going to hear about Scores billing someone a quarter-million dollars in one night, and then getting sued for it. We all remember the case of Tauhidul Chaudury, the husband of the Bangladeshi diplomat, who sued after spending $129k at the club last year. The resulting embarassment got his wife recalled to Bangladesh, where strip clubs are presumably more reasonably priced.