Oh, Anna Chapman—how could you leave just as we're learning about your penchant for nipple clamps and appreciation of the American Dream? A lawyer for the accused Russian spy tells ABC News that she "will appear in New York court today and then head directly to the airport to fly back to Moscow." And ABC News adds, "Chapman's mother, Irina Kushenko, said her daughter will arrive by noon Friday in Moscow."

The NY Times says most of the 10 defendants, including numerous couples who apparently had children as part of their deep covers, are expected to plead guilty: "As often occurs in plea bargains, the defendants will be allowed to plead guilty to one charge — conspiring to act as an unregistered foreign agent, which carries a maximum penalty of five years and has no minimum term. The government will presumably drop a second charge that most of the defendants face, conspiring to launder money, which carries a 20-year term." Chapman's lawyer told the Wall Street Journal his client, the redheaded "spy" the tabloids love, wanted to fight the charges, but was facing "odious" detention.

This would then allow the U.S. and Russia to swap spies. A former Russian ambassador said, "We're rolling back the clock. It's the 1970s now."