The NYPD is reportedly breaking up the racist frat party at a Brooklyn precinct, following a civil rights complaint alleging that detectives frequently mistreated minority cops and civilians, played videos games on the clock, and smoked inside their stationhouse.

According to the Post, three detectives and two sergeants were transferred out of the Borough Park 66th Precinct on Wednesday. Among them are Sergeant Gary Caporale, Detective Anthony Carreira and Detective James Dawson, each of whom was named in a Title VII discrimination suit filed by Detective Michael Moy last month.

Moy, a Chinese-American and 24-year-veteran of the NYPD, said his fellow detectives routinely mocked his nationality with YouTube videos and crude drawings suggesting he was less than human, in full view of Sergeant Caporale. The complaint also claims that Dawson and Carreira referred to Muslim detectives as "Taliban," and that Dawson railed against "dirty" and "filthy" Jews. (Borough Park is home to a large Orthodox Jewish community).

In an interview with the Daily News, Moy said the "frat house" culture of the precinct absolutely impacted how members of law enforcement treated nonwhite New Yorkers. "They don’t get the same quality of investigation as other people," he said. "Especially the Chinese because they don’t speak English, and [detectives] can close the case easily."

The whistleblower also claimed that detectives would crank up the volume on the precinct's TV whenever President Donald Trump was speaking. After Moy complained about the noise, Dawson reportedly got physical with him, then threatened his career. "Your days are over, bro," Dawson declared, according to audio provided to the News. Moy was put on modified duty a few days later.

According to a public database, Sergeant Caporale earned $163,275 in salary and overtime last year and Detective Carreira took home $138,045. Detective Dawson's salary was not immediately available.

In 2016, Sergeant Caporale was arrested and charged with drunk driving, after he was found passed out in his car in Staten Island.

It's unclear where the detectives and sergeants have been transferred, or whether the NYPD plans on disciplining them. A spokesperson for the police department did not respond to Gothamist's inquiries.

In other personnel moves for New York's Finest, the so-called panty-munching cop, who accused his sergeant of stuffing her underwear in his mouth, has reportedly been transferred out of the 72nd Precinct in Sunset Park, according to documents viewed by the Post. He was stripped of his badge and gun earlier for alleged "bizarre behavior."