Public access to City Hall Park is about to get better. The Parks Department has agreed to reopen a part of the park that has been closed since the Giuliani Administration. The section of park in question includes the grassy areas to the east and west of Tweed Courthouse. The area directly around City Hall will still remain closed for security purposes.

The Sun reports that the gates on Broadway and Centre Street could be open as early as July and that additional gates will be opened on Chambers Street. The Chambers Street entrances would be closed when students at a charter school in the Tweed Courthouse arrive and are dismissed. Additional greenery and seating will be added near the subway station in the northeast corner of the park. One supporter of the move said that lower Manhattan "is so starved for park space. We fight for every square inch." Welcome to New York, buddy.

If you do go to the park, be sure not to reenact a movie scene while making gay porn. That could result in a lawsuit.

Photo of fountain in City Hall Park by Tien Mao