2007_05_nypdswat.jpgIn two separate shooting incidents in Harlem and Staten Island, the teenagers were the victims. In Staten Island's Stapleton section, a 17-year-old Wayne Kennedy was fatally shot at an apartment building yesterday morning. According to the police and family members, Kennedy was invited to a party, but it seemed to be a set-up for robbery. Kennedy had been out with his relatives, and his 30-year-old uncle got a call from a woman who invited them over to 28 Park Hill Avenue at 7:30AM Sunday morning. However, when the group got off the elevator at the third floor, a gunman was waiting for them. Kennedy was shot in the head and died at the scene. His mother told the Daily News, "It was over nothing. [It was for] something those people could have gotten if they'd gone to work."

And in Harlem, a 15-year-old and a 14-year-old cousins were shot when at a party on East 113th Street late Saturday/early Sunday. Troy White, 15, and Tyrike Cintron, 14, had been talking to friends in the fifth floor hallway at the Jefferson Houses in East Harlem when two men wearing hooded sweatshirts and wielding guns arrived on the scene. From the NY Times:

“We all started running,” Tyrike said in an interview in the hospital’s pediatric intensive care unit. Tyrike said one of the men was shouting, asking for someone whose name he did not recognize, and then they opened fire.

Tyrike was hit, he said, and fell to the ground. He said the men fired about four or five times before running down a stairwell at the end of the hall...

...Tyrike said he did not get a good look at the men through their hoods. A friend who was with him and did not want to be identified said that he, too, did not get a good look but that the men “looked like grown-ups.” No arrests had been made as of last evening, and the police did not release descriptions of the suspects.

And Troy had taken the elevator to the first floor, where he realized he was shot in the stomach. There are suspicions the shootings were gang-related, as neighbors said people had been asking about a "Crip party"; 16-year-old Cheerice Wilson who held the party (her mother was also present) told the Times it was a "regular house party" and the attendees were 14-17 years old. It's not believe that White or Cintron are gang members.

Photograph of police responding to the Stapleton shooting from the S.I. Advance