While the commuting hell continues for riders along Metro-North's New Haven line, help is sort of on the way: Three transformers are being brought in for partial power.

According to WTNH, "A Con Ed spokesman says the high-voltage feeder line can carry 138,000 volts and requires 27,000 volts to power a train. He says the transformers will take power from residential lines. Officials will test the transformers to see whether trains can run on their power." Fingers crossed! Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy said, "I'm the governor of 125,000 pretty unhappy commuters right now."

Here's the MTA's details on the revised schedule, which can accommodate about 33% of the regular amount of commuters. Power was knocked out on Wednesday morning when a high-voltage feeder cable failed. A second feeder cable that acts as a backup had been taken out of service to facilitate work on the Mount Vernon substation.