Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, but as history has shown, April is no stranger to them as well. The National Weather Service has issued a high winds warning in the NYC area through 2 p.m. Sunday due to 40 MPH+ winds.

Already, there's been at least one partial building collapse this morning in Park Slope at an under-construction building on 4th Avenue near 15th Street. According to the FDNY, who are currently at the scene, no injuries have been reported. The Department of Buildings ordered all crane operations stopped and secured Saturday afternoon before the high winds hit the city.

Wind gusts hit a high of 64 MPH at JFK this morning, and around 45 MPH in Central Park. Wind chill factors were in the 20's Sunday morning, and there have been multiple reports of fallen trees in Queens. Heavy snow has also fallen on parts of Long Island earlier today, and there have been thousands of power outages across the region.

What a difference a few days (and a polar vortex) make, as temperatures are not expected to rise much over 40 today.