2006_11_parsons.jpgAs New Yorkers are generally happy with Mayor Bloomberg, speculation is brewing about another possible CEO as mayor. As in Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons. Parsons, who is a co-chair on the Mayor's Commission for Economic Opportunity and is on Governor-elect Spitzer's transition team, spoke out about rumors.

He said that his focus is "really on completing the journey with Time-Warner." However, Parsons did say he wouldn't rule out going back into politics (Parsons was once a counsel during Nelson Rockefeller's time as governor and was an aide under President Gerald Ford), so everyone is happy, as they can speculate all they want. As for why he's on so many committees, Parsons said, "It’s one way to avoid getting nailed."

Hear Parsons's remarks at Reuters. And CEO politicians are popular these days in this area, if you can call Bloomberg and NJ Governor Jon Corzine a trend.