A 53-year-old Parks Department employee was arrested and temporarily suspended on Wednesday, after she allegedly shoved and elbowed a group of parks enforcement patrol (PEP) officers while they attempted to arrest a man who was illegally selling sight-seeing tickets to tourists.

PEP officers encountered 36-year-old Royan Mitchell around 1:45 on Wednesday, attempting to sell tickets to the Hornblower Cruises at Pier 15 at the South Street Seaport. According to A Walk in the Park, Mitchell had been observed in the same act, at the same location, on November 11th.

When the officers approached Mitchell, six Parks maintenance workers from Pier 15 stepped up and surrounded them, attempting to prevent them from carrying out the arrest.

"They were cursing at us, and trying to prevent him from being locked up," one officer told A Walk in the Park. "They were acting like animals."

Pier 15 maintenance worker Sandra Knight, 53, was particularly assertive, allegedly pushing the officers. According to the Post, she elbowed PEP officer Ingrid Sanchez hard enough in the face to break her glasses. The officers eventually managed to arrest Mitchell.

Video posted on A Walk in the Park shows Mitchell handcuffed on the ground while Knight pushes forward yelling, "You got me, you got me!" As Knight continues to push forward, the officers tell her that she is under arrest.

Her colleagues can be heard shouting, "Don't do it Sandra!"

Mitchell, who refused to present ID, was ultimately charged with violation of local law, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. NYPD sources told the Post that he resisted by "flailing his arms and attempting to run."

Knight, meanwhile, was issued criminal summonses for disorderly conduct, failure to comply with directives of officers, and obstruction of government administration. Namshik Yoon, Parks' Chief of Operations, reportedly went to the 1st Precinct to speak on Knight's behalf, and managed to have her charges downgraded.

It was not immediately clear why Knight attempted to intervene in Mitchell's arrest.

A spokeswoman for the Parks Department would not comment on the incident, but confirmed that Knight had been issued a 30-day suspension.