Yesterday morning around 9:00 a.m., a female Parks Department employee was raped while she was cleaning the bathroom at the St. Andrew's playground in Bedford-Stuyvesant. According to the Daily News, "She was struck in the head and knocked to the concrete floor during the brazen daylight assault, as children played outside, police said. After the attack, someone knocked on the bathroom door and the rapist ran out. Then he hopped on a bicycle and pedaled away."

The police released a sketch of the suspect, described as a "black male, 22 to 25 years old, and approximately 5-foot-8 and 200 pounds" who was wearing "red shirt with a white logo, red and white Nike sneakers, and riding a small red bicycle." One resident told WCBS 2, "Now I don’t want to come here anymore. It’s dangerous," while another told the News "It makes me sick that someone could get away with that in the middle of the day... I will be coming back here. but now I'm going to keep my eye on more people at this place."