On the first day of her new job, 35-year-old Hope Dendy got more than the $9.21/hour she bargained for. She had just started her stint in the Parks Opportunity Program, a six-month job training program for New Yorkers on public assistance, and her supervisor Angelo Colon accidentally sent her to the wrong location.

Upon her return, Colon allegedly told her, "I'm really sorry you were abandoned," as he grabbed her, hugged her, rubbed her back and kissed her face. She told the Daily News, "Once he let go of me I stepped back. He reached out and wiped my mouth and said, 'I see you've already had your lunch.' It was horrible."

The incident happened on May 19th, and the mother of two says she was scared to say anything at first in fear of losing her job and benefits, but two days later filed a complaint with the Parks Department and the NYPD. She is now suing, and her lawyer says, "I am outraged that any vulnerable woman would be subjected to such shocking indignity in the workplace." Allegedly during orienation for the program, women were told, "Don't give up your cookies!" (meaning don't try to sleep your way to a permanent job).