The Parks Department had a little problem earlier this year when word surfaced about those holiday "strip" parties and other creepy behavior exhibited by supervisors, but it seems like those pole dancing glory days are no more. The department recently issued a "non fraternization" policy between supervisors and their subordinates, so bosses can no longer make their staff members take their clothes off in exchange for better jobs. Some people ruin all the fun.

The new policy says any relationship between a boss and an employee must be reported immediately. Anyone caught violating the policy is subject to "disciplinary action up to and including termination," and if other Parks Department employees see or suspect such a relationship, they're obligated to turn the illicit lovers in. The terms may seem harsh, but allegations against the reported strip party-throwing supervisors were pretty serious; two supervisors were suspended in May after they were accused of organizing booze-filled soirees where they allegedly encouraged female workers to take off their clothes and shimmy up and down a stripper pole.

Many of the workers were part-time and holiday staff, and some said they were given permanent positions after performing at the parties, which reportedly went back as far as 2009. Though the Parks Department says the salacious shindigs weren't the only catalyst: "This policy was issued after reports of an incident at our Five Borough facility on Randalls Island, but it is a result of discussions that predated those reports," spokesman Arthur Pincus said in a statement.

Though if the hallowed historic documents of NBC's comedic programming have taught us anything, no non-nonfraternization policy can keep two Parks employees from falling in luuuurve.