At the end of February, a petite 25-year-old Bronx woman named Lana Rosa had an altercation with Queens electrician Oscar Fuller over a coveted parking spot on East 14th Street. Rosa had been standing in the space to hold it for her boyfriend when Fuller tried to park there. A heated argument ensued, ending when Fuller allegedly punched Rosa and she fell backward, hitting her head and going into a coma. Over a month later, she has finally regained consciousness. But she's not out of the woods yet.

A source tells the Post that Rosa will need "months and months" of rehabilitation. Her skull was fractured in the fall, and Fuller allegedly fled the scene after punching her with so much force that, according to prosecutors, she "flew off her feet."

Fuller pleaded not guilty to felony assault this morning; he claims that he was only acting in self-defense because Rosa, who is 4'11", threw the first punch. His lawyer maintains that surveillance video backs up this assertion, and insists his client should have been charged with just misdemeanor assault. Fuller is currently free on $100,000 bail and is expected back in court May 26th, the Post reports.