A sushi chef who tried to "hold" a parking space for his manager by standing in the street ended up with a broken foot and other injuries after an irate driver tried to claim the space. Ke Hai Du says it all started around 5 p.m. on October 9th, when he noticed the space become available in front of the Peck Slip restaurant Suteishi. He dashed outside to save the space while his manager got her car, but before she arrived driver Paul Todd pulled up with plans of his own.

Du's lawyer Lawrence Glynn tells the Post that after Du informed Todd that he was saving the spot, Todd "inched forward and hit him in the knees. Du then threw up his arms like, 'I can't believe you just hit me.' Then the guy decided he really wanted the spot and hit the gas and [Du] couldn't get out of the way." As Du writhed on the ground in agony with a broken foot, his manager yelled at Todd, who allegedly retorted, "I would do it again." That's hardball!

Police were called but treated the assault as a traffic incident and didn't arrest Todd, who drove off as Du was being loaded into an ambulance. The incident left him with a broken foot, torn ligaments, and head, neck and back injuries. He's now hobbling around on a black cane, and tells the Daily News, "That car is a weapon. You could kill someone with it, you know?" According to court papers filed yesterday, he's suing Todd for $5 million.