2006_11_1683flat.jpgArguing over "rights" to a parking spot are common, but it's grim that some disputes have to become violent. Yesterday afternoon, a man was killed after fighting with another man over a parking spot in Brooklyn. Ricardo Sterling thought that a driver in a blue Jaguar had taken his spot near the Good Hope West Indian Restaurant on Flatbush Avenue. Sterling got into a fight with the driver and threatened him with a knife (the driver's friend tried to stop Sterling, but he was threatened, too). Then the fight moved into the restaurant, and the driver fatally shot Sterling.

A witness told the Post, "I walked past and then I heard mad shots. I don't know how many there were. It was just like pop-pop-pop! I came back to the restaurant and went inside. The guy was face down. He must have been on his cellphone because he was still holding it in his hands. There was a pool of blood around the guy and his head was all messed up."

The driver fled the scene; police are not sure if Sterling and the driver knew each other. The Post had a sad photograph of a police officer holding Sterling's small child - his 5 months pregnant wife had been waiting in their double-parked car with the child outside.