2006_09_dotpark.jpgRemember yesterday's story about the DUMBO man whose car was ticketed and towed on a street where a "No Parking" sign magically appeared? And the Department of Transportation said that parking was allowed on that stretch of Front Street, so they would help David Bourgeois get his ticket dismissed? Well, now the DOT tells the Daily News that the agency DID put up the sign and therefore, Bourgeois will have to pay the ticket and tow fee - a total of $265! Apparently Front Street between Washington and Main Street used to have a "No Parking" sign, but it disappaered a few months ago. And it seems like NYC drivers, being NYC drivers, took advantage of this and parked to their heart's content. Then the sign came back, and boom - the law stepped in.

The Daily News says that the "DOT will be surveying streets in the neighborhood Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass to see whether any parking restrictions can be eased." Bourgeois is still pissed off, though, saying he's going to fight the ticket. Now we wonder if it was all an elaborate plot against Bourgeois - dude, think about who your enemies might be.