The hell that is parking in our city remains one of the top reasons why we still haven't gotten our license. Our friends cursed with cars regularly bitch loudly of the nightmare that is finding a place to put one's car. If there are no spaces on the street, one has to use a lot and they certainly ain't cheap. This summer has seemed especially bad for driving in the city and we can think of at least two friends who have used the non-existence of parking as their excuse for getting rid of their cars entirely (and that's not even getting into our friends who simply refuse to bring their cars anywhere near Manhattan). But maybe the problem isn't as bad as we thought. Maybe, like so many things in Gotham, one just needs to know where to look.

Enter today's story in the Daily News on parking deals in the city. Thanks to a relatively new website called NYCGarages the folks at the News were able to find some incredible deals in parking lots almost around the corner from some absurdly expensive lots. For example in Times Square you could pay $20 for an hour at the MPG lot on W. 45th and Seventh. Or you could just go to W. 43rd and Eighth and pay $5 an hour at the Cosmo Parking lot. And that's not even getting into the monthly deals you can find. So if you've got a friend who refuse to park on the street but are always whining about the price of parking in lots, send them to to NYCGarages.

Us though? We'll stick with the subway thank you very much.

Parking Garage by limonada via Contribute.