Dae Do definitely didn't need to be Loki in order to steal an $82K black 2014 Audi from a parking lot in Tribeca—police say all he had to do was conjure up some crocodile tears and ask for it. Do, 20, has been arrested after he allegedly convinced a parking attendant to give him the car, then went on a joyride causing thousands of dollars of damage.

According to DNAInfo, Do told parking attendants at Alliance Parking on Canal Street that he’d lost his claim ticket for the Audi, which was parked in an outdoor lot, but pleaded that he needed to get the car before midnight. And apparently, because he asked nicely, the attendant gave him the keys and let him drive off on August 1st.

Do was caught by police a day later speeding on the NJ Turnpike; he allegedly put more than a thousand miles on the car, smashed the fender, and stunk up the interior. “He made the interior disgusting," said owner Caroline Bone. "He not only ruined the front fender, he also put 1,100 miles on the car in about 24 hours."

Do has been charged with receiving stolen property and hindering apprehension. Bone added that she and her husband have spent over $2K to get the car out of the pound, and start cleaning it, and it'll take thousands more to fix it. They are obviously planning to the sue the parking lot.