manhole.jpgA family of four was taken to the hospital yesterday evening after they parked in front of a fire hydrant in Elmhurst, Queens. As if they'd angered some type of municipal Zeus, a manhole situated underneath their van and next to the hydrant exploded while the family was still in their car. The reason for the explosion and the extent of the family's injuries is unknown, but cops arriving on the scene did have the presence of mind to issue a ticket for the parking violation. The ticket was later rescinded and a bystander complained that first responders were a little too unsympathetic:

"I'm upset because the fire department comes and starts making fun of the lady and starts laughing, and the captain of the fire department is talking about that guy should have gotten a ticket, but thanks to that car, nobody got killed because the cap hit the car."

That is a very good point. Unmentioned and unquestioned in the WNBC article linked to and excerpted from above, is why the manhole cover in Queens exploded.

(NYC SEWER MADE IN INDIA, by Triborough at flickr)