Just five more minutes, Dad! protested NYC drivers sick of expensive fines during street cleaning, and starting today they’ll have time to hit snooze. A new law gives vehicle owners a 300-second grace period during alternate side parking hours or at expired city Muni Meters. Bloomberg warned that the legislation would result in “chaos” as drivers quarreled with meter maids, gesturing at the faces of their watches. But City Council Speaker Christine Quinn fought the mayor and won: "Other cities have this [grace period] and it has not proven to be chaotic," Quinn said, according to the News. "It's a nice and appropriate amount of latitude to give New Yorkers in a place where we all know it's not easy to park."

Not a fan of lateness, Bloomberg vetoed the bill last year, but was overruled. "It's like you and I agreeing to get there at 10 o'clock and you arrive at 10:10. We want to get there at 10:10, let's agree to 10:10," he said. Quinn says helping New Yorkers avoid $65 “gotcha” tickets is important, especially in recession times, and drivers agree that every minute counts. "I think the mayor should drive his own car and find out how good five-minute grace period is," Jeff Coleman told WCBSTV.