2008_10_windsg.jpgLast week, descendants of Macy's founder Isidor Straus sued Jay Leno and a NYC parking garage owner, claiming they had swindled the late John Straus out of his antique cars. Now, the Post reports that Dennis Ricca, co-owner of the Windsor Garage on East 76th Street, shot himself in the head last week--and a mourner blamed the lawsuit. The Straus family insisted that Ricca's garage took advantage of the ailing Straus, but a lawyer for Leno, Ricca and others blamed Straus for non-payment his account and said auctioning the valuable cars off was their right. Still, the Strauses claim it was a "sham auction" since Leno was able to buy a 1931 Dusenberg worth $1.2 million for $180,000 and Ricca bought a Rolls Royce Phantom worth $500,000 for $0. Ricca and Leno's lawyer said, "We hope the press will respect his family and let them grieve in peace."