A Westchester couple who left their car in a long-term parking lot near JFK airport returned home 11 days later to find it had accumulated 724 miles. It's a car mystery equivalent to the 18 minute gap: will we ever know what happened during those 724 miles?

Mimi and Ulrich Gunthart, of Briarcliff Manor, saw a news report last month about parking lot attendants abusing customers vehicles, and marked down their cars mileage before dropping it off. "It was like a game. We never expected it to happen to us," Mimi said.

They were in for another surprise when they picked their car up from the AviStar parking lot; an instructional Russian-language CD they had in the car came on blasting at full volume. There was also a small ink stain on the passenger seat, but no other damage to the car, and no charges on their E-Z pass. David Menter, a regional manager for AviStar, said the company "found nothing out of the ordinary" looking over its inventory logs. Despite what they presume was a 724 mile joy ride, the Gunthart's aren't holding it against the lot. The guys in the picture appreciate it.