2007_07_arts_crazybridejpg.jpg2007_07_arts_i%20iz%20in%20ur%20brownstone.jpgThe Brooklyn Paper reports on an odd incident involving a bride in Park Slope. On Fourth Street (between Eighth Avenue and Prospect Park West) this past Sunday residents awoke to a woman in a wedding gown sleeping on a ledge of a brownstone.

Police quickly arrived, but no one knew what to make of the mysterious woman...Cops carried the woman down from the ledge, and questioned her in Spanish and English. But witnesses said she gave no response.

The woman had a teddy bear-shaped bag with her that contained a wedding ring inside a Tiffany box. When the cops took it away from her briefly, she squealed, a witness said, and the officer gave it back.

Other than that the girl, described as "beautiful," didn't communicate. One cop mused, “Maybe she’s a fallen angel," but neighbors (who say this has been the talk of the block all week) think that it's a prank or something involving NYU film students. We think one of the New Victorians didn't take her meds that day.

Photos by Nathaniel Harpaz for the Brooklyn Paper