A woman was sexually assaulted while walking her friend's dog in Park Slope Monday night, and while police were quick to arrive at the scene, she says they were in no hurry to canvas the area for the perp.

The victim, a 31-year-old woman named Kayla, tells us she was enjoying a stroll down 6th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues around 10:15 p.m., walking with her friend's tiny white dog (who was not, she noted, particularly intimidating). Sixth Avenue lacks the bustle of 5th and 7th avenues, and at that hour is was nearly deserted. Having planned only to go for a short walk, she had not brought her phone along with her.

That's where Kayla saw a man, whom she described as Hispanic and small-statured—around 5-foot-4—with chin-length hair walking toward her. According to Kayla, his clothes lead her to believe that he'd recently finished a shift at a nearby restaurant.

"As we walked past him, he grabbed me by the arm and then grabbed my butt," she recalled. "I kind of stopped and froze, and shouted at him about what he was doing." The man walked another fifteen steps or so, but Kayla, stunned, remained in place. That's when she says he turned back around and began to walk toward her, unbuttoning his pants in the process.

Kayla sprinted for 5th Avenue, found some passersby and used a cell phone to call 911. Police arrived at the scene within three minutes, she said, but once there, seemed to lack a sense of urgency.

"They kept asking me so many questions, and then a new officer would get there and ask me the same thing," she said, requiring her to waste time recounting the incident all over again from the beginning. "I kind of just wanted them to start looking for him, because it hadn't been that long and I felt like he was just up the street. It felt like they didn't care about it that much."

Eventually the tide of questions ceased and the cops got in their cars to search the area, but by then, Kayla said, around 15 minutes had already passed. The police did not catch the man, and Kayla assumes he disappeared into the subway.

The police told Kayla they agreed that based on his clothes, it's likely the suspect works somewhere in the area. The NYPD press office was unable to provide any information about the incident.

Last year, cops arrested a man charged with groping several 10 and 11-year-old girls in the same vicinity.