Park Slope may be one of the safest neighborhoods in the borough for humans, but cat crime is through the roof, with at least one felonious feline terrorizing the area with its terrible personality.

According to DNAinfo, a vicious cat has been attacking its peers and hissing and growling at people it encounters, prompting one resident to post signs around the neighborhood urging its owner to wrangle their pet.

"Any time this cat has come into my yard, there's been a confrontation," the poster, Patricia, told the news site, adding that both of her cats have been attacked by the monster. When she tries chasing it out of her yard with a hose, it snarls at her.

Having grown weary of keeping her cats cooped up, Patricia posted signs, asking its owner whether they're aware "how aggressive and mean it is" and to please get in touch with her to coordinate when their cats go outside. Patricia realizes this whole thing is a tad dramatic, but is, after all, tired of forking over money for vet bills.

"The absurdity of this whole thing is not lost on me," Patricia said. "[But] it's cost me $510 in vet bills, plus the aggravation. My poor cats, they’re driving me crazy because I can't let them out." Patricia describes the perp cat as dark gray, with "long legs and smallish head," which leads us to believe that, being so close to Halloween, it's actually a raccoon wearing a cat costume. Patricia—whatever you do, don't try to Instagram it.