And the bedbug war of 2008-??? continues! This time the bastards reportedly showed up in a subway booth at the "Ninth Street station" on the F line in Park Slope 10 days ago, though the Post doesn't specify whether it's the Fourth Avenue or Seventh Avenue station. But apparently the station agents were so spooked they rang the emergency button and "immediately left" the station. Station agent Norman Pou said, "I lost my mind. Where there's one, there's two; when there's two, there's more. There's always a whole group of them."

The booth was fumigated and has since been reopened, and a spokesman said there have been no other complaints about infestations on subways or buses. So does that mean they got the bug riding the R train? Also, would you ditch your job if you found a bedbug? Because while leaving your post as a station agent might not cause too much trouble, if say a firefighter got freaked out it could be a lot messier.