Getting your kids into the "right" Park Slope public school just got a bit trickier. Last night the Park Slope Community Education Council voted to approve a controversial rezoning proposal that will create a new school for the area, but also shrink the zones around the ever-popular Public Schools 321 and 107. "This is a tough one," the council’s secretary said before the 7-0 vote, however she also said, "I think it’s the best solution, for now."

Since the plan was first announced, one important compromise was agreed on: "the Education Department agreed to a proposal in which 30 percent of the spots at P.S. 133 in northern Park Slope would be reserved for low-income and minority students in overcrowded Sunset Park." So what is the new setup?

The rezoning plan transfers the blocks west of Fifth Avenue in P.S. 321’s zone into that of a new elementary school, to be opened in the former St. Thomas Aquinas school building on Eighth Street and Fourth Avenue. It also shifts some of P.S. 107’s southern and western blocks to the zone of another school, P.S. 10. Unlike in the original proposal, P.S. 39, whose zone lies between P.S. 107 and P.S. 321, will not be affected.

The new world order will kick in for the 2013-14 school year. And if one of your kids is already in one of the affected schools, take a deep breath! Your other rugrats will get priority at that school.