2007_08_parkingporsche.jpgA no parking sign? A fire hydrant? Mere street dressing when it comes to drivers with a DOT-issued Department of City Planning placard. Streetsblog observes that a yellow Porsche convertible parked on Seventh Avenue belongs to City Planning Commissioner Dolly Williams. Hello, Dolly indeed.

Streetsblog notes that Williams, Brooklyn's sole representative on the planning commission, "has been barred from participating in Kings County's most important recent land use processes." For instance, she can't attend Atlantic Yards project meeting because she has a $1 million investment in Bruce Ratner's Nets. And forget Gowanus Canal rezoning meeting, since she "owns land within the area that was to be rezoned."

Question: Will the city consider taking a cue from Thailand and make public officials who do shameful things wear Hello Kitty armbands? And the Parks Department has canceled 90 parking placards for Central Park's East Drive in an effort to reduce the overall number of vehicles in the park.