051508parkslopeparking.jpgStarting Monday, alternate-side-of-the-street parking will be suspended on residential streets in Park Slope until further notice. The parking reprieve is being granted while the city changes all the signage to reflect a big change in the alternate-side parking rules: On street cleaning days, the duration of the “No Parking” times will be cut from three hours to 90 minutes in Park Slope.

This also means that until all the new signs are in place – a job expected to take at least a couple months – the residential streets will be not be cleaned, though cleaning on commercial streets will still be maintained. And when the new rules go into effect, most residential streets will be cleaned one week instead of two, while commercial streets will get the treatment as often as six times per week, according to the Brooklyn Paper.

Residents of Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, and Red Hook will get the same deal later in the year. If you’re at all unsure over whether you’re in the Park Slope boundary, here’s an official map. And though the local community board is pleased about the changes, they still have yet to adequately address Park Slope’s stroller parking crisis. That's right, no mention of Park Slope is complete without throwing in a clichéd stroller jape.

Photo courtesy Wally G.