The "turf war" for Brooklyn's playgrounds continues, and not just in Crown Heights. One Park Slope playground is reportedly infested with young men who curse loudly, smoke marijuana and call themselves Top Notch Gentleman (TNG)—after the little ones have had their time to play, naturally. And mom's around the Park Slope Playground are not amused.

The problems reportedly start around 6 p.m. when, according to one mom, "there is a transition." Older kids "hang on the tables. Smoking pot. Cursing up a storm. You feel intimidated." One kid apparently even told one mom, "Who the fuck are you, old lady?" before older men chased him out of the park. And the boys and men are not denying they use the space as they please. One 23-year-old member of the TNG tells a News reporter that "We wait till six or seven o'clock so the kids have time here after school. Then we come here and play spades and basketball. This park is home to everybody. We ain't moving."

Police—who we know are happy to ticket adults without minors in playgrounds—say they are aware of the problem and have issued summonses for possession when they catch kids smoking. Or, as one TNG member puts it: "They arrest us; check us for warrants and we are home 2 hours later." But, he says, "For all those people who want peace and quiet, Brooklyn isn't the place for you."