Poor doors? Yesterday's news. First-floor library? Yawn. A personal subway entrance? Interesting, but still accessible to the unwashed masses. No, the most exclusive luxury condominium perk in Brooklyn is something far perkier: a stroller valet service.

Apartments at a new 11-story building at 251 First Street, at the corner of 4th Avenue, will begin going on sale later this month, and the building has come up with a pretty catchy, if somewhat mundane, idea to attract new families: "As far as I know, we are the first to offer an amenity like this on this scale,” Brendan Aguayo, the managing director of Halstead Property Development Marketing who came up with the stroller valet idea for the building, told the Times.

In addition to offering "modern homes inspired by the historic brownstones of Park Slope," the 44-unit building will have a room adjacent to the lobby that can hold up to 50 strollers for residents. “It’s a similar concept as a bike room,” said Omri Sachs, a founder for developer Adam America Real Estate, told the Times. "Just like how you don’t want to store bikes on balconies, we’d like to help with stroller storage." We're relieved to know that the Park Slope Stroller Wars of 2010 were not for naught after all.

The two-to-four bedroom units are priced from $1.3 million to $3 million, and also include other amenities such as a 24-hour concierge, private gym, children’s playroom, residents’ lounge, landscaped courtyard, common roof terrace, and bicycle storage. We just hope none of these residents run into any enraged white settlers in the neighborhood anytime soon.

The Times adds that the building has also applied for a 15-year, 421-a real estate tax abatement (even though it technically expired? And could be replaced by developer subsidies?), so there's still time to install a poor door too!