Pro-tip: If you don't want your wallet, credit cards, Metrocard, driver's license, and iPhone to be stolen, then don't leave them unattended in a stroller for 30 minutes. That's the hard lesson one Park Slope woman is processing today.

DNAinfo reports, "A crook snatched more than $700 in valuables from a stoller parked outside a day care business in a house on Seventh Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues on Dec. 13, according to a police report." The 30-year-old woman had left the stroller outside for 30 minutes at 5:55 p.m.—only to find that her belongings, including iPhone, wallet, keys, etc. mentioned above and a $100 green tote bag and a $50 candle, were snatched.

People who use strollers: Strollers are not magical items that make your personal goods invisible. In fact, sometimes they are what thieves are looking for! Next time—BRING YOUR PERSONAL ITEMS WITH YOU.