This leaves us amazed: A woman jogging in Prospect Park with her baby was attacked by a gang of youths, who robbed her of her iPod. Luckily, that's all they took and the mother seems fine (she was hit from behind), but what makes the crime crazy is that the youths seem to be 12 years old. Twelve years old! The Post reports that Laurie Maher-Samra was jogging near Nellie's Lawn on the East Drive when the attack occured at 1PM. Maher-Samra said, "There were people around. It was weird. It was a bold move. As a mom of a 7-month old, I should be able to walk with him in the park." A few months ago, there were more stories about "wolf packs" of teens terrorizing people in Prospect Park, but the NYPD said they weren't really an issue. Still, we wonder if our readers have noticed a change in police presence at the park, because if mommies and their babies aren't safe, that pretty much accounts for 70% of Park Slope's population.

Last year, someone mugged a mom walking in Central Park with her 3 month old baby. And there was a murder - still unsolved - near Nellie's Lawn at the Vale of Cashmere in April.