Police have arrested a man in connection with a groping incident in Park Slope.

Cops have been searching for a man suspected of groping an 11-year-old girl on 4th Street near 6th Avenue on November 11th, possibly the same suspect associated with a handful of other gropings that have occurred in the area as well. The suspect was also wanted for assaulting an undercover detective on Monday after she attempted to detain him.

Police could not confirm whether the suspect in custody is the same man they were searching for in connection to these incidents.

The gropings began in June and have consistently involved girls 12-years-old and younger, with the most recent assault the one that occurred on November 11. According to police, a man approached his victim from behind, squeezed her buttocks, and then fled.

On Monday, an undercover detective had been canvassing the area in search of the suspect when she saw a man on 5th Avenue near 9th Street who matched the groper's description. When she stopped him for questioning, police say the man assaulted the officer, throwing her to the ground and dislocating her shoulder before fleeing the scene.