Aaron Naparstek, Streetsblog founder, has a personal blog post about that Park Slope institution, The Park Slope Food Coop. The food coop, which has flirted with banning bottled water and Israeli food products, makes $40 million a year, but has frustrated/ surly workers and the finest in community fliers.

Naparstek waxes on the work policies—"Let’s acknowledge that Park Slope-style socialism can also be a pain in the ass. If you miss a shift or two you’re doomed. My Food Coop membership status is in a nearly constant state of 'alert' or 'suspension' and I seem to spend most of the year digging out, paying back my debt to society with extra work shifts" (he needs his shirt)—and his fellow coop members, like the one who "made two full-fledged business phone calls while very slowly and distractedly running my items through the bar code scanner."

But he saves the best for last: A flier of a woman in "a tattooed woman in a short, shiny dress and stiletto heels posing somewhat awkwardly in a messy looking room. Scrawled next to the photo, the flier read, 'Dog thief and guilty of burglary.'" Another coop member appears to have added a note, "I hired a hooker and she stole my dog!!!! Waahhhh!!!"