BREAKING: The Park Slope Co-op voted in favor of banning the Williamsburg kosher food company Flaum Appetizing Corp. this week, due to allegations of illegal practices. Flaum's owner, Moshe Grunhut, is refusing to pay the $260,000 in back pay to the 17 workers he allegedly fired illegally for complaining they were under compensated for overtime. Grunhut insists he fired the workers due to their status as illegal immigrants, and doesn't owe them anything.

By pulling all Flaum products from their shelves, the co-op hopes that other businesses will follow suit. Co-op GM Joe Holtz, tells the Daily News, "Our co-op ... tries wherever possible to deal with other companies that are ethical employers." The vote was 165 to 3, in favor of the ban. For now, in light of this historical vendor backlash, locals will have to turn to alternative vendors for their hummus and eternally trendy pickles. With any luck, Grunhut will retaliate with a naked bike ride down Union Street.