2005_10_celltower.jpgResidents at 130 Eighth Avenue in Park Slope are upset that their co-op will get a cellphone antenna. It's a classic case of co-op residents versus the co-op board, which approved the 15-year deal with T-Mobile (it's for all those Treos in the neighborhood!): The residents hate the board for doing their job (albeit possibly poorly), the board hates the residents for complaining! The best quote is from outraged eighth-floor resident, Jay Joe Jakubowitz: "I feel like I want to move out of the building. I escaped the World Trade Center thing, and I didn't buy this apartment with a cell tower on it, and it's literally going up above my head."

The NY Times says the equipment weighs over seven tons, and the co-op will get $1,800/month for the installation, which the board says will help the finances. Residents, though, are worried there will be health issues due to the frequencies transmitted by the antenna. At the very least, the co-op could look into those sensory deprivation tanks from Karma-Ceuticals for residents. Gothamist wonders if T-Mobile will try to disguise it, to go above and beyond the Landmarks Preversation's requirements, by creating some Park Slopian structure around it (perhaps it's a huge stroller canopy)! Or will they put fake branches with fake leaves on it, a la the cellphone tower on the Hutchinson Parkway?