Like a seasonal allergy, the pink brownstone of Park Slope seems to pop up in conversations, blogs, or newspapers every couple months. The Daily News spoke to the owner, Bernie Henry, a 90 year old man who said he first painted the Garfield Place house in 1968 (the district was deemed a historic district in 1973) upon his wife's wishes. Henry said, "When I went to get the paint, I thought it was the same [shade], but it came out a little different. But what could I do? I bought $4,000 worth of paint." There's also a very cute quote from neighbor David Alquist, who doesn't mind the unusual color: "One mom told her kid, 'No, you can't eat it.' I think the kid thought it was frosting."

And because the Gap has used footage from Funny Face in their new skinny pant commercials and basically bastardizes Audrey Hepburn's hepcat dance, we urge you to see the movie yourself, especially Kay Thompson's showstopping "Think Pink" sequence.

Photograph of the Garfield Place brownstone from davidfg on Flickr (aka lightningfield)