Are you trying to bring a little respectability to your recently-formed nation state? Have you been dying to bang on your noisy apartment walls and say "SHUT UP MIKE WALLACE!"? A $20 million Park Avenue duplex that belonged to the former Yugoslavia is about to hit the market after 19 years of squabbling between the countries that made up the former republic, and boasts 2,325 square feet, six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and counts 60 Minutes's Mike Wallace as a neighbor. Now you'll be able to express your displeasure with Andy Rooney by walking across the hall!

According to the Post, Yugoslavia purchased the apartment in 1975 for $100,000, and was occupied by the country's UN ambassador until 1992 when the country dissolved into what is today Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Macedonia. As long as the apartment's ownership status between those countries, the coop board has banned anyone from living in it, hence the "microwave oven the size of an air conditioner" in the kitchen, and lots and lots of grime.

Thanks to an agreement set in 2001, properties owned by Yugoslavia are to be sold off and the profits divvied amongst the six countries, with Serbia getting nearly 40 percent of the proceeds. A deal this coming week would put the property on the market, but Serbia is also looking to recoup the $12,000 a year it paid in charges every month to keep it. Maybe Putin and Medvedev will make it their NYC Bromansion/Iron Curtain Cottage they never had?