Pamela Geller's SHARIA Hotline is burning up right now: the organizers of Park 51 AKA "The Ground Zero Victory Mosque" are opening a photo exhibition by artist Danny Goldfield in the former Burlington Coat Factory on Wednesday. What kind of photos? Muslims celebrating 9/11? Puppies getting beaten with Korans? Bald eagles being tortured by crescent moons? From Park 51's Kickstarter: "Danny is photographing a child from every country on earth currently living in New York City."

Park 51 raised the $70K necessary for the show, which is a "salon-style presentation of over 170 beautiful color portraits of children." Goldfield, who has snapped photos for LIFE, CNN and FOX news, says the exhibit is "about finding the courage to meet and get to know neighbors to build trust and friendship." Yeah, well there BETTER be some photos of kids from the USA in that exhibit!