Parents are speaking out against proposed rules that could suspend students for "sexting" both on and off school property, saying it's their responsibility to discipline their kids when they're not at school. The new rules could suspend kids for up to 90 days if caught sending sexually charged e-mails, text messages or photos. One Prospect Park mom told the Post, "It's none of the school's business...If kids are texting in class and not paying attention, the teacher has to address it. But you can't be coming after kids on their own time and punishing them like a parent would be. 'Oh, you did it on a Tuesday night at 7 p.m.? You're punished.'"

However, the DOE says that they have every right to punish kids for things they do off school grounds. Spokesman David Cantor said, "The law is clear...a school can discipline students for off-campus behavior that causes disruption in school. We are not trying to regulate private actions unconnected to school." The DOE also says the 90 day suspension would be for students whose messages could be deemed as assault. But one mom said the suspensions wouldn't do much for kids. "Your child is already in trouble if they are sexting," she said. "Keeping them out of school isn't going to help. You might as well send them to Vegas."