2006_10_shakenbaby.jpgPolice are now questioning a couple about their brain-dead 5 month old baby who may have been a victim of shaken baby syndrome. On Friday, the EMS transported the boy to the hospital when he fell unsconscious in his Brooklyn home. The baby was moved from a Queens hospital to one in Long Island hospital which contacted the police on Saturday; the police now question why the hospital took so long to report the possible abuse.

The family of six (and sometimes seven, as another young relative visits) lives in a one bedroom apartment. Neighbors tell the Post there was some arguing from the apartment, but overall the children seemed fine, though the Administration for Children's Services had called on the family 2-3 years ago. Mostly neighbors are just shocked, with one telling WABC 7, "I know them. They seem to be nice people. They are respectable. I guess you just don't know people that well."