Cathie Black may have her waivered to become the new Schools Chancellor but that doesn't mean parents who are angry about it are taking it lying down. Attorneys Norman Siegel and Herbert Teitelbaum yesterday filed a lawsuit on their behalf arguing that Education Commissionar David Steiner acted "unlawfully" when he waived her.

"The law only permits a waiver to be granted to someone whose credentials make clear they can stand on their own two feet," Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries (D-Brooklyn), who is also part of the suit as a parent of two school kids, told the News. And Black just doesn't have those credentials. Another petitioner, Noah E. Gotbaum, public school parent of three and President of Community Education Council District 3 in Manhattan observed, “Black may be a strong manager, but our children don't go to school to be managed - they go there to be taught and to learn. Management does not equal education. The laws of New York State have been clear on this distinction for over four decades, and we parents need to stand up to contest this move by the Mayor and the State Education Commissioner that disregards the law.”

Meanwhile the DoE continues to ask parents to "set all of the politics and rhetoric aside." Which, really? Have these people met New York parents?