Christina Morgan Palmer and Rashamel Palmer suffered injuries when their rented home in Brentwood exploded on Tuesday, but they are most consumed by the loss of their 18-month-old son, who died in the blast. They had been playing with the little boy in their bedroom when the home blew up. Rashamel Palmer recounted the moments after the blast, when he was covered in debris, to the Daily News, "I was trying to push up with everything I got in me, but it just wasn’t good enough. All I heard was him crying and her calling, ‘The baby, the baby,’ and I’m trying and I’m trying."

Christina Palmer, who was trapped under a dresser, said to WABC 7, "I knew that his little body couldn't take that. Because I know if I can't move, he can't move it, my son was not going to make it." Neither of them could reach their son, and Christina Palmer said, "All I remember hearing is the firefighter saying, 'I found the baby, I found the baby' and she ran right past me with the baby. All I seen was my son laying in her arms like this and I just knew,."

It's believed that the huge explosion was caused by two 200-pound propane tanks outside the house; besides the Palmers, over a dozen people were injured. Flying debris from the blast also hit neighboring houses.

The couple, who are unemployed, lost all their belongings in the explosion and are struggling to pay for his funeral. A website has been set up to donate money to the family, for burial costs as well as food and help for another home. Christina Palmer said, "Anything will help, anything, donations, just anything to help us in our time of need," while Rashamel Palmer said, "Just pray for us, please, just pray for us, please, please."