2006_10_crib.jpgThe Administration for Children's Services was involved with the family of now brain-damaged 4 month old Preston Hertzog. Authorities suspect Preston is the victim of shaken baby syndrome; the baby remains in a hospital, being kept alive by a respirator. In 2000, Antonio Patterson and Tamirra Hertzog's 2 month old baby Mia died; the ACS put their other children into temporary foster care during the investigation which found that Mia died of blunt force trauma. Even though her skull was cracked in three places and her death ruled a homicide, there was not enough evidence to charge Patterson and Hertzog.

The ACS did not know that Preston existed, leading them to believe that the Hertzog hid her pregnancy given other the ACS's involvement investigating her family. Another child born after 2000 was placed in foster care, and social workers found she had signs of abuse. The NY Times said that couple was in Family Court much of this year: "As a result of those appearances, several social workers had asked Ms. Hertzog whether she was pregnant again, which she denied."

Patterson said, "The media is all lies," after police questioning yesterday. The couple has not been charged yet, but their other chlidren were put into foster care.