Drama! Even though the city is urging parents to get their children vaccinated against H1N1, a national survey found out that only 34% would give their children the shot, the rest preferring their children become infected with delicious, porcine goodness. "It’s just too new on the market, and we don’t know what side effects it may have on children," one parent told the Daily News. These concerns still come after Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius insisted that the H1N1 vaccine is perfectly safe, and that the "adverse effects are minimal compared to what can happen when you get the flu" (seriously—swine flu seems TERRIBLE).

However, New Yorkers may have reason to rejoice. More recent studies show that places that suffered a swine flu epidemic this spring have shown little sign of resurgence. New York City health officials believe that a good percentage of New Yorkers may have been exposed in the spring, and have since developed an immunity that has kept the disease from spreading. "We’re seeing essentially no disease transmitted in the city," NYC Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas A. Farley told a conference last Friday.

But if you're still worried and don't feel like venturing into the scary world of medicine, Queens restaurant London Lennie's is offering swine flu "shots," with gazpacho, tequila and oysters, which are apparently packed with immune supporting vitamins like zinc and selenium. Whatever you do, just stay away from the Backstreet Boys.