hunterplane.jpgThey may have grown up privileged and prepped for success from birth, but a record number of four-year-olds are facing rejection from New York's top kindergarten programs. Fortunately, the parents of the doomed children are probably still young enough to procreate again and hope for better chances with their younger progeny.

According to the Sun, many top kindergartens in New York City have admission rates in the single digits (take that Harvard). To make matters worse, some wee ones weren't savvy enough to pick a safety pre-school. At Hunter College High School's highly-regarded kindergarten program, a "record 1,550 4-year-olds [were] applying for just 48 spots" translating into less than a 5% admission rate. The competition makes sense, as there are more multiple births, which mean more same-aged children vying for spots.

The selection process has become more precarious because private schools have stopped accepting "first-choice" letters from parents whose children apply to multiple schools: Now, parents are waiting for other kids to make a choice and remove themselves from various establishments' waiting lists. But the insanity extends to public schools as well - parents regularly camp out to register for good public school pre-K programs.

For the children, they must endure this stressful period nervously eating paste and soiling themselves.