An elementary school principal in Harlem has formally apologized for sending a questionnaire to teachers asking them to classify disruptive students by race. But that's not good enough for parents of students at PS 96, which is 71 percent Hispanic and 26 percent black; they're calling for the resignation of Principal Dr. Claudia Moore-Hamilton (who is black). Among other things, the survey asked teachers to identify their problem students as "Black," "Hispanic" or "Other." In an apology letter to parents and faculty, Moore-Hamilton, who's been in charge for one year, acknowledged that her "approach was inflammatory," and the DOE issued a statement agreeing that "the survey was inappropriate." But Fox News reports an investigation is ongoing, and parents say they're fed up after a year filled with fights and students' failed attempts to burn the school down. According to the Post, Assemblyman Adam Powell IV has even chimed in, demanding her removal and citing complaints that she gave children Christmas presents, only to take them back from those on a "naughty" list.