More upsetting details about the horrible crash on the West Side Highway that left an 11-year-old girl dead and six other girls injured, not to mention the mother who was allegedly driving drunk at the time. Melody Sanchez, whose daughter 11-year-old daughter Kayla (pictured) is in critical condition after being thrown from the overloaded Mercury Sable, said that Carmen Huertas essentially taunted the girls about her terrible driving.

Sanchez told WCBS 2, "She told me all she remembers is she was driving, swerving side to side because she was playing with them. And she had told the kids, 'If you think I'm gonna crash, raise your hands.' And all the kids did not raise their hands. And then her daughter kept telling her, 'Mom, slow down.' And she didn't listen to her daughter, and she said, 'If you think this is bad, wait until we get to the highway.'"

Lenny Rosado, father of Leandra Rosado who was killed, also spoke to WCBS 2 and said he spoke to Huertas, 31, before the drive from Chelsea to the Bronx (Huertas was taking her daughter and her friends back home for a sleepover), "She looked OK. I didn't see no signs of intoxication. We shook hands and she told me 'Lenny, your daughter's wonderful, you know she's a doll and she's in good hands with me don't worry,' and I said 'OK, no problem.' She told me that she was in good hands."

The Daily News reports that Huertas suffered a broken arm and blunt force trauma; she will be arraigned on vehicular manslaughter and DWI charges once she's released from the hospital. It's reported that her blood alcohol level was 0.13, over the 0.08 legal limit, and that she was driving at 80 MPH on the WEst Side Highway.